Advice 1: How to hang Wallpaper on non-woven

Rightly considered that the non-woven Wallpaper is easier to glue and easier to use, because the pasting of Wallpaper involves the application of glue only on the wall, and after drying the Wallpaper on non-woven basis, you can safely paint.
Non-woven Wallpaper is easier to glue and easier to use
Prepare the glue for non-woven Wallpaper, following the manufacturer's instructions printed on the package.
Start papering from the corner of the room, drawing on the wall using a level or plumb vertical line to withstand further smooth the joint.
Cut strips of Wallpaper the height of the wall, leaving a small margin. If the structure of Wallpaper involves the observance of the picture, do not neglect it – on joints will be visible to all mismatches.
Roller apply wall adhesive is based on gluing a few strips and start to glue the first canvas, adhering strictly to the lines you drew. The upper part of the canvas needs to have a slight overlap at the ceiling, which then will be cropped.
With the help of a spatula smooth the Wallpaper to the canvas, preventing the formation of vaduthala. In doing so, glue the front of the canvas. Attach a paint spatula in the joint between the wall and the ceiling and carefully cut off the excess Wallpaper after line of sharp spatula or paint knife.
Apply the second canvas while respecting, if necessary, pattern. Glue the second canvas, strictly watching the desktop Wallpaper should not overlap or lie down to form the joint. Smooth the joint with a cushion for the joints and remove the speakers glue. Cut away the excess canvas.
On the same principle the rest of the paste over the wall Wallpaper. Be careful sticking the Wallpaper on the corners – in case of formation of "wrinkles", make neat cuts with a painting knife, and releasing the air, carefully smooth out the Wallpaper.

Advice 2: How to glue vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven

In any room to glue vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven basis is much easier than using ordinary paper. In addition, if you buy in store high-quality adhesive that is specifically designed for this type of Wallpaper, the problems with hanging them on the walls in the kitchen or bedroom do not arise.
How to glue vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven
You will need
  • glue;
  • - rubber spatula;
  • - rubber cushion.
You must first prepare the surface by removing old Wallpaper, tiles, dust and other defects. The walls must be spackled, sanded and primed. After the primer has dried, you can begin to wallpapering.
When gluing vinyl Wallpaper on non-woven basis, they can completely miss the mark with glue. For this type of Wallpaper, it is enough to lubricate high-quality adhesive wall, and little miss Wallpaper edges. But with greasing the walls to save the glue, not worth it. It should be applied quite thickly, when applied accurately every inch of your wall.
To facilitate the application of glue is best to use a special model of roller for wallpapering. You may need a brush for applying the adhesive quality in the most difficult for seat cushions on the surface of the walls and their angles. Once you miss the edge of the sheet of Wallpaper on the walls, you can start gluing. For easy smoothing of vinyl Wallpaper, it is best to use modern rubber roller or a rubber spatula and brushes.
When gluing non-woven Wallpaper, all of the glue is applied not on the Wallpaper and the wall, therefore, the sheet of Wallpaper will always remain dry. Consequently, he never you will not get soaked and will not break during sticking on the wall. Also the advantage of this method of sticking vinyl Wallpaper is that if the sheet is not laid down as necessary on the wall, it can immediately carefully remove and re-stick without damaging the structure of the sheet.
They are strong and durable, but wallpapering vinyl (like any other heavy Wallpaper) has its own nuances. The land of the Soviets tell you how to glue vinyl Wallpaper. It depends on the basics: Wallpaper with paper based you need to apply glue to the Wallpaper with non-woven backing — no. If you apply the glue vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis, make sure that the edges were not dry.
Useful advice
Tips decal various types of Wallpaper: vinyl, non-woven, Wallpaper, paper backed. How to glue vinyl Wallpaper. For sticking use the type of paste recommended by the manufacturer of this type of Wallpaper, for example, vinyl Wallpaper is recommended to use adhesives containing fungicide. The type of paste depends primarily on the weight and density of the Wallpaper.
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