A bit of history

The spectacular appearance of the men consists of several moments. Watch and only help to emphasize it. But sometimes, instead of the original people sell a fake for the same money. Statistics testifies that the ROLEX watch fake in 75% of cases. This Swiss brand popular among people of high status. The scams and earn.

The ROLEX model of watches was released in 1926. Less than two months the brand has found its fans and become popular. The clock was resistant to dust and moisture and their original appearance, they hooked buyers.

ROLEX was originally released as a woman's watch, but later became a stylish decoration for men. For a successful businessman, this brand is a mandatory attribute.

In the manufacture of hours used leather, precious stones and some other unique elements. Acquiring such a thing, is to inquire about its details and features. This is necessary in order to check a watch for authenticity.

Please note!

When buying a ROLEX watch should pay attention to the following features:

- rear housing cover. Many fakes have clear glass, through which you can see the inner watch mechanisms. The original has an ordinary metal case. The exception is the clock, released in 1930-m to year. Models with transparent lids then it was made only for two;

- if on the back side of the case was seen drawings or labels, it is a fake as the real ROLEX does not have any engravings;

- note the crown. The original has the image of a crown. On some models there is a rubber ring that is visible when you open crowns. In fake such detail is created only for visual effect. In the original clock rubber ring designed to improve the functioning of the crown;

- on some models under the ROLEX crown visible in three points, which also indicates the original;

- a box in which sealed watch made of paper and has a holographic picture. You need to pay attention to the image of holography and make sure it shimmers. On real clocks will be visible from the crown, under which are engraved black numbers. If the figures are depicted in a different color or any other deviation, it's a fake;

- over the date ROLEX features a lens that magnifies the image in two and a half times. In the fakes this glass is either missing entirely or has a lower magnifying power. Date can be written in large numbers;

- at the beginning of 2000-ies has introduced an additional protection against fakes. Above the number six is located in the micro-engraving in the form of a crown. It can only be seen under a magnifying glass. In fakes the quality and size of the corona far from the original;

- the hull number should have equal numbers and letters and located between the sides of hours;

- the shape and length of the watch hands. They need to be pointed and get to the graduations of the dial.

Before buying ROLEX watches is familiar with their distinctive features. The only way you can avoid frauds and do not spend money in vain.