Overweight formed after pregnancy, there for a number of reasons. This, of course, a sedentary lifestyle while carrying the baby, genetic predisposition to obesity, fluid retention in the body. For best results, postpartum mothers have to struggle with unnecessary weight comprehensively, taking into account all the factors that contributed to the weight gain.

Proper nutrition after giving birth

Nutritionists recommend to start to struggle with excess weight after giving birth immediately, without postponing the issue for months and even years to come. Because hateful pounds easily replenished, so the young mother has not already lose weight by 3-4 kg, and 10. Along with the growth of weight is observed and the metabolic disturbance that leads to obesity and serious ailments.

Nursing mothers should not experiment with any diets. Even if the postpartum woman is not breastfeeding, it is impossible to experience the body rapid techniques that promise quick weight loss. Contraindicated dietary supplements, slimming teas and other risky assets.

The best way after giving birth for weight loss – establishing a proper diet. The body nursing mothers should obtain all the necessary nutrients from the products of animal and vegetable origin. To increase caloric intake during lactation, there is no need, the child will receive milk which is necessary for growth and development components.

To lose weight, you need to eat after delivery in the small portions, but often. It is advisable to eat according to schedule, making the most of the energy Breakfast. A balanced diet, the lack of a menu of sweets, flour, fried, smoked and other harmful to mom and baby products will help to reduce weight.

Recovery figures at home

As a rule, young mothers do not have the opportunity to visit the gym or do a fitness instructor individually. But in house conditions it is possible to secure a proper physical load. Physical activity is another key to harmony.

After birth, baby will need to walk more to strengthen the immune system. Mom can also use this time to good use. Outdoors, when the baby is asleep, do not sit on the bench and read magazines. Move more, squat in place, jog around the buggy. The required load you present to the body, armed with a sling or a backpack-carrying, when the child begins to sit. To lose weight, alternate fast pitch and walking in a calm pace.

Allow time for morning exercises, it can be carried out together with the baby or even while cleaning the house. Do not use a MOP and try to make more of the slopes. This will help to clean up the tummy and hips. Start practicing abdominal exercises or torsion wrap better after 4-6 months after birth.

At home in about a month or two after the baby is born you can begin to do Pilates, yoga. View the exercises online, exercises should be mainly aimed on the thighs and belly. After birth, these places are the most problematic.

It should also take a multivitamin complexes for nursing moms to quickly restore the immune system, to energize. Definitely need to lose weight at home drink plenty of fluids, this will enable remove toxins when losing weight.