Benefits and harms of dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia is a beautiful flower that can benefit. This plant contains volatile, which can improve the composition of air and clean it from harmful microorganisms. In addition, dieffenbachia able to absorb toxic substances, for example, trichloro-tilen, xylene and benzene. So ecologists recommend to grow a plant in industries that during operation, releases massive amounts of toxins. Even this flower can humidify the air, which is good for reducing the amount of dust in the room. Also, it is believed that this flora has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Despite all the useful properties, dieffenbachia can cause great harm to the human body. The fact that its leaves and stems secrete a poisonous SAP. As a result of contact with the skin or the mucous membrane of the eyes, it causes irritation or severe swelling. Therefore, a toxic substance, which is contained in the flower can cause blindness, swelling of the tongue and dumbness for some time.

Dieffenbachia indoor flower people considered moragona, as this plant negatively affects the potency of men. According to the signs in the house, where it grows dieffenbachia, couples for a long time will not be able to procreate.

Is it possible to keep a dieffenbachia at home

Doubt that this flower is poisonous, does not remain. However, if to handle it properly and to comply with the security measures, the plant will not cause harm to human health. Therefore, during the care of a plant it is recommended to wear gloves, and after all procedures wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

The big danger this plant can provide for children, as they will want to try it out. In this case the consequences will be much worse than for an adult. Therefore, it is better not to risk and to lock up dangerous plant or completely get rid of it.

Dieffenbachia is dangerous for Pets, especially cats. The animal that ate the end of his piece, can't breathe due to severe swelling of the larynx. But do not forget that cats are quite intelligent animals - they always try to ignore them harmful for the plant.

From this we can conclude that dieffenbachia is not quite so harmful, but the use of it is clearly undervalued. The most important thing is to correctly care for and handle the plant, keeping it away from small children.