Prepare the ground. It should be nutritious and loose (better to buy a ready soil for trees in a specialty store). Before planting the seeds the ground should be slightly moistened and heated in a water bath to 27-30°C.
Take a bone from fresh tamarind yield. With the right planting it will sprout in a month. But you can speed up the process by placing it in hot water (not boiling water!) and leaving for the day. For more rapid germination bone can be slightly sawed or incised, carefully making sure that actually a seed, under the shell was not damaged. The seeds from last year's harvest also will germinate, but 2-3 months later.
Put the bone in a small pot filled with warm ground vertically to a depth of 1-1,5 cm, Cover with cellophane and put the pot on the windowsill (preferably South or East side).
Pour the bone every day, making sure that water passes freely through the bottom drainage. Excess water in the pan remove. Daily copious irrigation to keep the appearance of the sprout.
When your palm tree will grow to 10 cm, transplant it into a pot of large size. Too hard to bury the plant is not necessary. The primer can be the same, store-bought, and you can prepare yourself by mixing humus with river sand. Most importantly, when transplanting not to damage the root, otherwise all your previous efforts could go down the drain.