Stiff competition among operators provokes an enormous number of advertising campaigns, interesting and not intended to permanently bind the user to a specific cellular network. The share of MegaFon smartphone for 1 ruble" definitely looks very attractive, but, as everywhere else, there are pros and cons.

Positioning the offer as a Megaphone

Mobile operator announces that the choice of the tariff plan "MegaFon – All inclusive L" and the payment of a subscription fee on it for five months, the smartphone Megafon Optima becomes yours. This is an inexpensive device (price on Yandex Market – about 2.5-3 thousand rubles), which work on Android system. Mediatek processor, dual-core. There are trimegestone camera, RAM – 512 MB internal – 4 GB. Supported microSD. Display – 4 inch.

The operator is focusing on what the customer now not needs to spend money in advance to purchase equipment and pay only for the connection, receiving a smartphone, in fact, in addition. In addition to calls, the tariff requires a good Internet traffic and large FREE package (according to Director for marketing at MegaFon, Leonid Savkov).


Modern man is accustomed to look around the catch and often is not in vain. It is clear that no organization is committed to operate at a loss, and gifting smartphones, even cheap, it should pay off.

You should pay attention that the device is stitched just under the sim-card MegaFon. The promotion is valid for a single fare (all-inclusive) and only provided payment for almost six months. At this rate the cell operator offers customers 3000 minutes of calls, a similar number of SMS messaging and 10 gigabytes of Internet per month. Monthly subscription fee is 1500 rubles. For the average user such volumes are usually unnecessary, and the fee for the unused time of calls/messages/Internet traffic is not refundable. This rate is relevant to customers whose smartphone is used as a working tool (although these people usually choose the more expensive and interesting models).

Overall, if you're a fan of MegaFon and still going to use this tariff, this promotion is specially for you. All the rest it is recommended to carefully consider the possible "pros" and "cons".