Zirconia is produced in special laboratories by chemical compounds. Special synthetic crystals composition and structure in many ways similar to natural analogs. Also perfectly their external similarity. This is largely achieved through physical properties. That is why synthetic stones are not considered to be a simple imitation of natural minerals.
Today not many can afford to buy jewelry with natural gems. Often, to reduce the cost of jewelry, manufacturers use as inserts various synthetic stones. The most common is the Zirconia.
Initially, the Zirconia was called "Fianit", as it was first produced in 1976 in "FIAN" (the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences Lebedev). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the stones began to take on sale and abroad. In this period they invented a new name – "cubic Zirconia". In the sale of cubic Zirconia can be seen in many jewelry, because they look great as an insert in silver, platinum, gold.
Get cubic Zirconia exclusively in the laboratory. Use this stone mostly for the imitation of diamonds. Initially, the zirconium has a transparent structure. With the help of the various impurities of the stone is painted perfectly in a variety of colors. You can often see purple, yellow, black, blue, green, and blue cubic Zirconia. Thus, the experienced jewelers replace natural stones (sapphire, ruby, diamond, Topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald).
The beauty of cubic Zirconia is not at all inferior to the real natural gems. He plays unusually their faces, and a refraction index sufficiently close to that of diamond. At first glance, synthetic stones sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural even professional. Cubic Zirconia large size different from the diamond low hardness and refraction of light. But with cubic Zirconia small size is much more difficult. To find the difference, the professional will have to work hard.
Some experts agree with the fact that sometimes jewelry with cubic Zirconia look much richer and prettier in comparison with diamond. This is because the characteristics of refraction of the synthetic stone is much higher than most natural stones. Jewelry with cubic Zirconia is very beautiful, and are much cheaper products with the Topaz, diamond or sapphire.