Not every child likes to eat vegetables, so snacks need to make nice and bright. For example, salads lay on the baskets of cheese or transparent cups. As a variant – to organize the salad bar, to the participants themselves gained small plates gradually finished and cut into components: potatoes, carrots, meat, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. a dressing sauce is better to do it yourself based on oil and sour cream. Small sandwiches make good use of not a sausage from the store and homemade pate Turkey and chicken, mincemeat. And few of the younger guests would refuse a delicious canapes of vegetables, mushrooms, quail eggs and cheese.
Hot dish on a children's holiday, too, should be portioned. It is convenient for the kids and for mom-cook. The easiest option is mini pizzas stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms and lean minced meat. From chicken fillet to make kebabs. They are cooked quickly in a pan or baked in the oven. The most favorite side dish in most children is mashed potatoes. To diversify the table, his stained, mixed with mashed boiled carrots or spinach. Even easier to boil for treats multi-colored pasta in the shape of bows, snails or spirals. But a lot of side dish to cook is not necessary. Children are unlikely to eat everything to the end, and if not enough – you can always cook extra servings of fresh vegetables on skewers.
Traditional end of holiday feast at the birthday party – blowing out the candles on the cake. To children after that don't overeat fat cream, cake worth to buy or prepare small size. A sweet table cover with other dishes. It can be homemade chocolates, which are prepared by using molds for ice from melted chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. If desired, the process of cooking easy to make part of the entertainment programme of the holiday. Another option treats – colored jelly fruit juice and milk in portion cups or molds.
Instead of tasty, but often junk juices and soda can be offered to young guests of the celebration fruit drinks, lemonades and fruit drinks. To those not upset by the lack of the usual drinks, homemade drink will need to submit a "grown-up" in beautiful decanters. Or just pour in bright paper cups. In the transparent bowl of the children treated to a variety of fruit smoothies and milkshakes. The main thing - not to SuperCool drinks or hot games children at risk.