Problems software

If the web camera is connected to a corresponding socket on the computer, but for some reason does not work, perhaps the problem lies in the drivers. Some of interactive devices for computer system support Plug and Play. Then the drivers for them are not needed. But if the webcam itself has no tagging, then you should look into the package from her, there should be a disk with the required functionality of the device software. If there is no disc, then the drivers must be found on the Internet, it is best to download them from official website manufacturer. The drivers are installed, then the computer should reboot.

The problems in the computer

Also the problem may lurk in the faulty USB port of the computer. You should try to connect the device to another port, if it is just one need the help of a friend. You need to connect the webcam on another PC and test it.

No harm will check the computer on presence of viruses and malware. On any activated antivirus deep inspection, after which the viruses and programs are removed if there are any, and the computer restarts.

There are times when while connecting the webcam, the system issues an informational message that the device is busy by another application and camera not working. But what app is she busy, is unknown. Then you must remove all programs from startup of the operating system, and then reboot your PC. If not helped, you should consider reinstalling the entire system.

By the way, if the web camera when connected to your PC is not working, you should immediately check it on another device. If on the other computer everything is fine, then the problem is not in it, and in your PC.

Mechanical problems webcam

If all options with the software part of an already tried and nothing is working, you can try to disassemble the device. By and large, the web camera does not the mouse is inside it is much more of e-filling, but anything is possible. If inside will be noticeable to some loose wire or contact, take the device to service, perhaps the experts will be able to fix it.

Also pay attention to the condition of the track circuits or circuit boards. If they are oxidized or turned white, then your webcam was dispensed fluid.