You will need
  • Seedling petunias, individual containers, soil, water, fertilizer.
The first pick is actually spent approximately three weeks after planting the seed. The Petunia must be at least two or three true leaves. Take to transplant a soil that contains a lot of peat: it is soft, loose, has high acidity. You can buy in the store special soil for petunias. Prepared by the soil, fill the cups and get to pick. Pour the earth into the cups and make a hole. Their size: 1.5 cm in depth and in diameter 2 cm. Now carefully remove the seedling with the ball of earth on the roots and drop it in the hole. It remains to sprinkle the roots with earth, again watered and ready!
If you planted petunias at a greater distance in the same capacity, the poor seedlings be sure to throw away. Let the plants have more room. About a month later do another pick, as the seedlings will begin to oppress each other. If you perform the dive immediately into a separate container, then the second Seating is not required. After the transplant for a couple of days pricenice plant. In the early days, the seedlings petunias are still very vulnerable: avoid drafts and too low temperatures.
Give your plants constant watering with warm water pooled. However, be careful that the top layer of the soil was not too wet. This land formed a mold that ruins plants. It is advisable to water the soil with a light solution of potassium permanganate to prevent the formation of "black legs". Sprinkle moist soil of calcined sand - this also applies to preventive measures against the "black legs". Instead of watering you can apply a misting spray to avoid damage to fragile plant. If a portion of the seedlings do get sick, then healthy plants immediately transplant into a pot with clean earth.
Petunia needs a fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and potassium. Since nitrogen is responsible for growth of green mass, they can feed the Petunia already at seedling stage. Ammonium nitrate is easily absorbed by the plant even at low temperatures. And sodium nitrate works best at high temperatures. Phosphorus is needed petunias for better rooting. Potassium is responsible for flowering. For a comprehensive fertilizing use a fertilizer with a high content of trace elements.