Those growers who at least once tried to grow petunias from seeds, know that it is very difficult, as the seedling is incredibly demanding to care. These flowers are overreacting as the change of heat and light, and the frequency of watering, fertilizing. If plants are planted too early outdoors, they may die, the seedlings of these colors is not cheap, so hurry this should not be.

When to plant Petunia outside in pots

To plant petunias outside when the threat of frost passes, the average temperature in the daytime, is established not below 15 degrees and night - heat and 10 above. Usually in the middle zone of Russia the temperature is set by the end of may-beginning of June. If you have the opportunity to bring pots home, I put flower pots you may already in the early to mid-may (when the temperature of the outside air allows it), just remember to bring the plants home at night, as low temperatures can kill them.

When to plant Petunia in the street in Siberia

In Siberia to plant Petunia in the street after the threat of frost, so rely solely on weather conditions, and if the night time temperatures drop below 10 degrees, then drop to the street Petunia yet.