To dive seedlings does not begin before the first or second true leaf. If plants only cotyledonary leaves, with swordplay will have to wait. The cotyledon leaves are called the first appeared a couple of leaves, the leaves that grew up after them are called the real.
When transplantation will Zaglebie seedling in the ground until the cotyledon leaves. It is necessary to strengthen the root system. Roots while picks do not shorten.
To pick take the same ground, in which grew a seedling. It should be the same composition as native. The land which you poured into a pot or box, moisten, gently seal and only after that conduct the transplant.
Pits in the earth to do a special stick with a sharp end. Lower the seedling into the hole and mounting peg gently press the ground near the plants. This is done in order to avoid voids between the roots of the plants and the ground, otherwise the roots can dry. After picking carefully, without washing out the roots, water the earth so that it caved in.
Provide good illumination of the sowing area. For normal growth of plants need different temperature. For growing the most thermophilic of ageratum, Salvia, Perilla, the most suitable temperature of 20-25°C. the Remaining culture - Helichrysum, Aster, Petunia, verbena, alyssum, snapdragons, Kochia and others develop normally at a temperature of 18-22°C. Certain cold-hardy crops - cineraria, viola, sweet peas should be cultivated at a temperature of 15-18°C, the seedlings will not be stretched and will become more strong and hardened.