You will need
  • - material for walkways;
  • - artificial pond;
  • garden furniture;
  • a hammock or chaise lounge;
  • old dishes to create a decor.
First, divide the area into zones so that you feel convenient and comfortable to relax and work. Draw for convenience, the plan on paper, draw on it your country house, and, drawing on its location, find the location for rows and facilities. For planting it is better to allocate a site near the water tank, Sunny and smooth.
To the beds looked beautiful, separate them from the paths with bricks, stones or fences special teams. Don't make a long and messy furrow planting, break the space for them into small squares or triangles. For trellising vegetables use the same stylish pegs and ropes.
Mark the location of the system tracks. Decorate their paving slabs or flat stone. A cheaper option would be sprinkling the paths with sand and fine gravel.
Dining area outdoors make closer to the house, so you don't have far to carry the dishes and food. The store has a large selection of garden furniture forged from expensive models to cheap plastic sets with convertible umbrellas. Near this area organize a barbecue, it can be folded with their hands of stone or brick.
A pond or fountain will make your suburban area is very cozy and attractive. For their device don't need that much money as a basis you can use old bath or just a thick piece of plastic. The edge dug capacity overlaid with natural stone, you put plants that like water. A motor for garden fountain mask composition from the old painted teapot and various ceramic items.
Water will not quickly evaporate if you obsadit the South side of the makeshift pond with bushes or low trees. For a more decorative put on the bottom of underwater lighting.
Hang between two trees a rope hammock with bright charming pillows or put a chaise longue. Instead of the garden sculptures you can use hemp wearing them on old pots. Capacity paint under hats of mushrooms.
The most popular decoration of the suburban area are the flowers that please the eye all season. Plant different plants that bloom lasted from early spring to late autumn.