Of course, tastes and financial capabilities of all people are different. However, if you wish, you can perfectly equip even the most modest plot with an area of 6 acres (600 square meters). First, draw the plan at a convenient scale. For example, so that 1 centimeter on the paper corresponds to 2 meters at the site.
Consider how best to place on a plot of three zones: residential, garden and relaxation area. Mark their location on the plan. The living area should include the house, outbuildings (e.g., shed, summer shower, summer kitchen, etc.). In the relaxation area – garden, sauna, Playground, Parking lot, decorative pool (if you plan to start it). When planning be sure to consider the sanitary-hygienic norms. For example, your house must not be closer than 3 metres from the boundary with the neighboring plot.
Parking lot car pick on the other side of the plot, which is adjacent to a public road. Provide entrance gates and carport.
A very important point – the orientation of the cardinal directions. The house is best placed on the Northern or North-Eastern side of the site. Otherwise, in Sunny weather, it will occlude a fairly large area, as it is harmful to light-requiring crops. If you want to the house was a terrace, it is best to place the South in the warm and Sunny side.
Tall fruit trees (Apple, pear, etc.) are also planted along the Northern boundary of the site, approximately 4 metres from each other. Plant them thicker desirable. Don't forget that their trunks must be from the boundaries of the area not closer than 4 meters! For smaller trees, such as cherry, plum, this distance should not be less than 2 metres. A place for light-loving berry bushes, for example, klubnichniy, click on the southern side of the site.
The gazebo it is best to build on the boundary of the recreation area and gardening zone. Try to make it not only gave protection from the sun's rays and rain, but was beautiful, pleasing to the eye. Near the poles of the gazebo you can plant climbing plants that need support, such as Actinidia, grape.
How much and what kind of flowers to plant – solves every site owner, based on their tastes and desires. Try just below the flower beds and flower beds looked organically, and to them was easy care. The boundaries of the site, it is recommended to plant ornamental shrubs of different species.