To equip a small kitchen will help the correct choice of furniture. Better if it is embedded. Picking the right furniture, you decide the main problem in a small kitchen.
Pay special attention to the location of the working surface. If it has two or three parts, put them together. Try not to break her high pieces of furniture or appliances (cookers, refrigerators). This area is the most important in the kitchen. Therefore, tall objects take place at the edges.
Special attention requires the refrigerator. Choose low model. This will allow to use rationally its upper surface as a working.
Dining table place near the window. It is advisable to choose table with folding parts, then you can, if necessary, to expand its area. A very popular option for small kitchens – table on wheels.
Replace operable sliding doors of cabinets so you will get some more free space.
If you are an admirer of fast food, and often use a microwave, then attach it to the wall using a special bracket.
In a small kitchen, nothing extra. Ruthlessly hang on to things that are not in use. The kitchen should be those items that are really necessary and pleasing to your eye.
The color design of the kitchen is also critical. To equip a small kitchen, choose a bright color. They will be optimal, and besides visually increase the space.
As for the lighting, the bright overhead light will visually increase the space of a small kitchen.
Show imagination in the design. In the kitchen you spend a significant part of life, so everything should be convenient and comfortable for you, regardless of how small your kitchen or not.