5-6 square metres is not particularly unfold. However, this does not mean that the dreams of a beautiful, functional and cozy kitchen will have to put a cross. In fact, to make this possible. Not easy, but possible. In some cases this can be done independently.

What you need to consider when making a design project of a small kitchen

You first need to correctly calculate all available space. In the Khrushchev the most common different pipes, flues or ventilation system, to remove which is physically impossible. Therefore, they must be taken into account in the distribution of furniture and appliances in the kitchen. Do not forget that small kitchen must be used for all surfaces.
Do not be afraid that something won't be able to fit into the interior. Today, manufacturers of furniture and equipment offer different options that fit any sizes - is and embedded devices, and modular furniture.

Remember that in the preparation of the design project of the kitchen in the apartment-the building should draw on the principles of minimalism. Because the conglomeration of details and extra things significantly conceal the space, making the kitchen visually even less. In addition, when choosing furniture, try to choose those options that are made of light materials. After all dark colors, as well as extra things eat up space.

Look closely at the details. For example, it is sometimes possible to gain additional space, adding a balcony. This will help you warm glazing and high quality finishing of the walls. You can also slightly enlarge the kitchen due to the conversion of apartments to the Studio. For this, you can tear down the wall (but only if it is not the bearing) that separates the kitchen and bathroom.
If redevelopment is not for you, you can "play" with the window sill. Because under it there is so much free area, which can be used effectively. For example, to turn the windowsill into the cutting table.

And don't forget about lighting. It should be as large as possible. And the kitchen becomes bigger and wider.

The right choice of furniture for small kitchens

It should be remembered that for malogabaritki will only fit modular furniture, i.e. one that is made to order and to individual measurements. If you take an ordinary wall, they may not fit into the wall and there will be gaps between walls and furniture, which will not stand no appliances, no additional shelves. This means that the functionality and integrity of the premises are significantly damaged. Experts recommend to reduce to such a small kitchen the standard sizes of furniture to 15-20 cm In the result saves space, which can be filled with necessary furniture.

Also pay attention to the glossy furniture or the one that has a mirror surface. In this case, the interior acquires a more three-dimensional shape, the kitchen looks complete and organic.

As for the dining table, it is better to abandon it in favor of the bar, which can comfortably accommodate a whole family. If this solution does not suit you, you need to choose a small model of the table preferably elongated shape. This table can easily be put on the bias, with the result that the kitchen will look interesting and unusual.

Appliances in a small kitchen

Naturally, small-sized kitchen is functional and space-saving can be beat only built-in appliances. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of models that have different sizes and dimensions.
To make the kitchen look uniform, it is desirable to hide all the equipment for furniture facades. So nothing will stand out from the overall ensemble.

To save space you can try to take the refrigerator outside the kitchen. For example, to put it in the corridor. Spy interesting ideas on placement of equipment in a small kitchen can be in various specialized magazines or websites for photos.


To make the kitchen look larger and more spacious, and therefore more comfortable, enough to make a suspended ceiling with a glossy surface. As for the walls, you can apply for a work apron small tile mosaic for the interior began to look attractive. Do not forget that all the materials should be easy enough to wash, because the kitchen is so a great risk to get on the wall of a grease spot.

To be complete a design project on paper, and with the help of special computer programs. If artistic abilities you lack, you can seek the help of a specialist who will listen to your needs and will consider them in the preparation of the design project.

There is one small trick that will help you to make the kitchen stylish and functional. To do this, just don't hang one of the walls with furniture or appliances. So visually opens more space and the kitchen will look more beautiful.