Cara and Bob - the most common female haircuts

Quite common is short female haircut until the middle of the chin, which is called "caret". Her option is a graduated penalty, which is performed with deep feathering. The line of the cut hair is at a certain angle. Graduated caret is running and the short hair, in this case it looks more original.

Short hairstyle with element of asymmetry is called "asymmetrical quads." In this shortened individual strands of hair, for example, one side of the face. Kare extension is a simple haircut that is performed with straight scissors. Barber sastrigal hair so that the front tips of the hair came out a little elongated. This haircut is suitable for girls having round or oval face shape.

Bob with short nape – a hairstyle, where the front strands are elongated, and the hair on the nape – short. Kara is a versatile, on its basis you can make unique hairstyles that can complement your hair, or dye hair strands in different colors.
Kara was popular in the early twenties, while women wore short hairstyles mid-ear.

In the early twentieth century there was a haircut called the "Bob." Currently, she has a lot of options, each of which successfully adjusts the face having a round shape. Hair was cut in a circle, and in the neck forms a small step.

Popular women's haircuts

Very popular is the haircut called "pixie". She looks like a man's hair, but thanks to a special technique it looks amazing. Hairstyle "the mullet" means extra long strands of hair at the back and short strands in the front. Haircut "page" has a length to the middle of the ears, hair form the so-called "cap" fringe is straight and elongated. "Page" is best suited for voluminous and thick hair. She is women having a perfect jawline and neck.
Haircut "page" can be supplemented with elements of the "ragged" edges, oblique bangs or coloring individual strands of hair.

Haircut "Garcon" is a short haircut with long strands of three inches. Area temples open, the back of the head hair trimmed. Haircut "Garcon" is women having perfect face shape. For women with thin hair suitable universal multistage haircut "cascade", which involves the separation of the strands in several steps. It gives the hair extra volume.