Advice 1: How to remove patch

A patch is a file that installs addition to any game, i.e. updating it to a specific version. Patch applied to fix problems in the program or modify its functionality, appearance, performance.
How to remove patch
Find out the exact version of the installed patch to remove it. Click the "start" button, select "control Panel", then click "add or remove programs". Locate the installed patch, click the "Delete"button.
Or use the Uninstaller of the applications that are on your computer. For example, Uninstall Tool or CCleaner. Select patch from the list, call it the context menu select "Uninstall". If it's the way you could not delete the file, perform the following steps.
Use Clean Installer to delete patches for games. Run the program in the upper left corner select the Downloads folder or another folder to which you installed the updates. Wait until the program will scan all the files. Files that are highlighted in red and are the patches.
Click them, right-click, then click Remove to uninstall the patch or Disable to deactivate it - then it won't affect the game. If necessary, you will be able to turn it on.
Perform deletion patch for the game Stalker, with the help of a special application. This program is automatic and universal settings for the game. Download RST Universal Patcher v 0.1.5 is available on the link
Download and install the app. You can use it not only to install new patches for the game, but to return to earlier versions. To roll back the game to a newer patch, select the file. Patchand consist of two files, one of which archive, other information. Select the second file to roll back the game to previous patch.
If you are not able to delete the patch for the game the previous ways, then you need to copy all of my saved games, then uninstall the game from the computer then re-install and apply a patch.

Advice 2: How to remove the updates on the computer

The updates on the computer can be removed when they cause any problems in the system as the updates improve the security of your computer. However, before you remove the updates, you need to fully verify their involvement in the disruption of the system.
How to remove the updates on the computer
You will need
  • - personal computer; - the ability to use a PC.
First of all, pressing the "start" button, go consistently to the "control Panel", then to "Programs". Next, under "Programs and features" give the command "View installed updates". In this window you will see all the updates that you had installed previously.
Reviewing the list of updates, select the one that you want to delete and click Delete. Often during this simple operation comes request requiring a password or confirmation. In this case, either confirm the password or enter it. After you specify or confirm the password update will be removed. Check the uninstall is not difficult, just open section "Installed updates" and clicking "View remote updates", make sure it had disappeared from his list.
If the update is not deleted, check the connection from the computer to the network. General settings may not allow the computer to make the removal. Don't forget that some updates cannot be uninstalled because they are directly related to the security of the operating system of the computer. When Windows will reinstall the updates automatically, you should just disable the Windows Update service (Windows update service). But in order to disable this service completely, you need to disable the process wuauclt.exe.
Be careful when removing update, not knowing the exact issue, you can remove need.
Useful advice
In the case when the cause of system failure is an update that cannot be deleted, contact technical support or system administrator. This will help you to understand all the problems associated with your PC.
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