You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
Open the picture with the inscriptionYu in Photoshop using the Open option of the File menu. If the letters or numbers that need to be removed from an image on a monochrome blue background without noise and texture, special efforts would be required from you. Using Shift+Ctrl+N add a new layer over the picture, with the Brush tool, paint over the signs with the background color.
Not to be mistaken with the choice of color, click on the model of the basic colors in the lower pane of the tool palette. Move the pointer to the portion of the image located near the inscriptionof Yu, and click on it.
To remove the small label with multi-color backgrounds can help a Median filter. Create a copy of the picture with Ctrl+J and apply Median to the resulting layer, open the settings using option group Median Noise Filter menu. Adjust the radius of the filter so that the lines constituting the inscriptiondisappeared. The contours of the rest of the figure is thoroughly spread out, but you have left the original images, it can be corrected.
Using the option Hide All Layer Mask groups menu Layer, remove the mask the results of applying the filter. Zoom in and paint over the mask in the field the inscription in white.
If the picture there is any area that you can close the inscription or its fragment, apply to the layer with the copy of the original image tool the Patch Tool. Include in the settings the option Source, circle the fragment and drag it to the letter. If the imposed boundary patches intersect with the lines forming the inscription, the picture will effect spread like watercolors because the patch in this area will adapt to the color of the font.
In Photoshop CS5 you can try to remove the inscription tool and Spot Healing Brush. For its application to a file, add transparent layer and, if the option Content-Aware disabled in the settings tool, enable it. Utilizing the option to Sample all layers, paint over the inscription of the selected brush on a new layer. In earlier versions of Photoshop, the Spot Healing Brush tool is not always correct edits large parts of the image.
If part of the inscription is not easy to remove using my other tools include the Clone Stamp Tool, zoom in viewing of the picture and close the inscription with pixels copied from the surrounding areas of the image. Clone Stamp smarter does not apply to the original image, and a transparent layer lying over it. To do this, you will the option to Sample all layers enabled in the tool settings.
Find the area of the image fragment which can be used to close the adjacent portion of the label, and click it, while holding Alt on the keyboard. After releasing the button, paint over the letters. For getting better result in complex background work with a brush of small diameter and often re-define the source of the cloning.
To save the corrected image to the jpg file you will help Save As option the File menu.