Belief in success breeds confidence. The main task of parents, before the entrance exams their children is to preserve the atmosphere of calm and confidence in a positive result. Remember that excessive obsession and angst can irritate the teenager.

Special attention in this period should be given to the child's diet, because during intense mental stress, the body needs nutritious and varied food, as well as complex vitamins.

Control the mode of test preparation wisely. Give the child the opportunity to choose their own time for training as it is better to know your biorhythm. Alternate activities with rest. Gymnastic exercises will help to relieve tension in the muscles and give you strength for the assimilation of new information.

Try not to load child emotionally, he should not experience anxiety, it needs to feel support from their parents, as otherwise the uncertainty and lack of moral support, may adversely affect the result of the examination as a whole.

Before the exam it is important to give the child time to rest. A walk in the fresh air and at least 8 hour sleep are the main components for good health on the exam. Prepare for the exam the child a small bar of chocolate, as you know the sugar in small quantities has a positive effect on brain activity. Don't forget to put a bottle of mineral water, preferably still, the exams usually take place in one of the hottest days of the summer period. It is not necessary to zloupotreblyat various sedatives, as they can adversely affect the functions of the cerebral cortex. It is likely that, instead of calming will come the process of braking will drop the concentration of attention, can also appear tremors in the hands and feet. It is important to pick the right clothes, try to avoid bright, flashy colors, as they will distract as examiners and the applicant.

If the child after the exam not sure of the correctness of their answers or have received an unsatisfactory mark, try not to make a tragedy out of it. Life doesn't end here, there is still will be many challenges on the path of life of your child. All you need now is your child, it is moral support no matter what.