Cause of cracks on the gel nails may become substandard work of the master, his low qualification. Have a qualified nail must be all sorts of certificates, diplomas of special courses. The use of substandard material in the work also becomes a cause of cracking of the gel the next day. It is usually used in salons "economy class".

Gel nails are very fragile. Small enough mechanical action that accrued nail cracked. They need to be protected from various injuries. If this happens, something to repair the nail it is impossible: it is necessary to remove and build new. It is better to avoid self-withdrawal, leave that to the professionals.

Cracked under artificial fingernail can crack and the natural nail. A gel nail is difficult to remove is very long and tedious. It can not be cut with scissors (can crack), and the need to gradually cut down, and it's not very pleasant procedure for the hostess nails. After removing the gel, natural nail first cure, give it a rest, and then increasing again.

Gel nails are quite thick. When regrowth of the natural nail forms a visible boundary that needs to be constantly adjusted (to put an additional layer of gel). Late correction will lead to the displacement of the center of gravity of the artificial nail. This can cause damage, so you should periodically return to the center of gravity to its original position.
Sudden temperature changes, hormonal drugs or antibiotics can cause the violation of polymerization that will lead to the crack on the nail. You need to avoid visiting saunas, baths, going without gloves in winter, limit the intake of medications.