Man-Virgo as if woven from the virtues. In addition to visual appeal, it is characterized by high intelligence, reliability and diligence. Virgo, as a rule, successful in business, they almost always have money, and often expensive car. They easily find common language with different people and always surrounded by friends. Most Virgos have a great sense of humor. They have a strong will and they have shown admirable persistence in achieving this goal. However, this "perfection" has its drawbacks: guys-Virgins distinguish nervousness, fault-finding and selfishness.

Love in the life of the virgin

If the guy who was born under the sign of Virgo, in love, he did not immediately decide to talk about their feelings. He devotes much time and attention to find their "halves", as is intelligibility. Should not even in the little things to trick the guy is a virgin because he is committed to the most honest and pure relations. Virgin rarely gives his beloved a reason to be jealous, and he will not hold wild scenes, but we should not forget that by nature he is the owner. Love guy virgins will not be like the violent passion, but he is able to give his girlfriend a constant feeling of safety and warmth. She will always be surrounded by his care and attention.

The guy's a virgin in marriage

The guy is a virgin it's not an easy decision to get married, but he is a very responsible approach to the creation of a family. Virgo believes in family values, which to someone may seem old-fashioned. It does not have a desire to become the head of the family, however, the role of "henpecked", he also did not agree. Man-Virgo faithful in marriage and always tries to keep family ties, but if he has reason to suspect your partner of lying and infidelity, it is cold and irrevocably tell her about the breakup.

What girl needs guy-the virgin

The girl, dreaming of attention from the guy-Virgo, just need to develop intelligence. Virgin does not tolerate stupidity and ignorance, dirt, and vulgarity. He needs pure, exalted nature. Usually, man-Virgo seeks to find the girl, reminding him - honest and unpretentious. Virgo likes to take care of him, but he doesn't need maternity care from beloved. If a girl will control his words and actions as often as possible and praise of the elect, the guy is a virgin will give her happiness and love for years to come.