The compatible woman-Virgo with the signs of the earth

For a strong relationship for a female virgin should look for partners among the earth signs. Paired with a male Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, she can find stability, understanding and prosperity. All earth signs are very practical, value tradition and family relations, and are therefore very easy and comfortable with each other. But it is worth noting that these pairs are often formed on the basis of warm friendship and more like a partnership than a relationship based on true love. However, if a man and a woman to make an effort and try to make life together more variety, they will be able to achieve relationship harmony.

The compatible woman-Virgo with the signs of water

In Virgo can be a very happy Union with Scorpio and Cancer. With a faithful and responsible man-Scorpio she is able to build the perfect marriage. Despite the difference in characters and temperaments, they are perfectly suited to each other: it serves as a source of vitality and inspiration, and it becomes a reliable support. Cancer to Virgo will be faithful and reliable companion, and she, with her infinite patience will be able to easily carry his private mood swings. With a man of this zodiac sign Virgo is associated the same values of life, and although the couple are frequent disagreements in the home, overall, their relationship is very stable.

The compatible woman-Virgo with the signs of the air

The only representative of the air element, with which virgin has a pretty good compatibility is Libra. A man born under this zodiac sign brings to their life together harmony and beauty, and a woman-the virgin – for order and stability. But this pair will need time to learn to understand each other's needs, and if that happens, their relationship can turn into a habit.

The compatible woman-Virgo with the signs of the fire

The best partner for Virgo among the fire signs of the zodiac is Aries. However, a disciplined, responsible and hardworking Virgo often makes these relationships much more than inclined to selfishness Aries. At first this situation may suit both, but over time, the virgin shall begin to give to this inequality, more and more attention. If a man will not try to correct the situation, sooner or later the patience of his partner runs out and this can lead a couple to serious conflicts.