Eat flax seeds with dairy products – so you increase the energy value of the compounds of calcium in the body. Add flax seeds in cottage cheese with sour cream, it promotes the excretion of cholesterol. If you eat flax seeds with milk of menopause, improved overall health.
Use flax seeds as an additive in baked. They not only replace the eggs and oil, but will be a great topping for pastry. When you want to get the spicy nutty flavor of the dough, grind the roasted flax seeds and add the rest.
It is useful to add milled seed in natural juices or infusions. Thus, the instant fiber affects the body in regulating the production of gastric juice and racionero the degree of sugar in the blood cells.

Dermatologists advise to use flax seeds in the form of lotions and compresses. Use them to reduce the pain after burns, softening of calluses. In addition, flax seeds will help with allergic reactions to foods and various dermatitis.
Take flax seeds in the reproductive age. So you not only regulate the content of estrogen in the body, but also conduct prevention of thrush. Regularly taking flax seed, you remove the beginning of menopause and facilitate its flow.
Use flax seeds in diseases of the intestines and stomach. Of them to make tinctures, which need to drink before each meal. Use flax seed and constipation.

The infusion of flax seed use as a hair mask or styling products. The use of this infusion helps with split hairs. Don't forget to moisten linen water to the hair while styling – is that better holds its shape.
Application of flax seed as a mask for face and décolleté: smoothes the skin, improves its color and rejuvenates. Use flax seeds for Mature skin – this eliminates dryness and flaking. Omega-acids contained in flax seeds moisturize the epidermis.