When choosing a tie clip, pay attention not only on appearance but also on quality. To clamp a well-kept fabric, it needs to be equipped with teeth. Well, if it is attached to the chain with a special eyelet that fits over the button-up shirts for additional fixation. Do not buy too thick hair not only do they look vulgar, but also deform the fabric. The best choice for casual suit – flat, thin and long enough clip.
The main purpose of pins is to fix the tie on the right place. This is especially true for men with their weight on a bulk my stomach tie will constantly move to the side. Quality clamp will solve this problem easily.
If you don't want to draw attention to modest, but the decoration, clip it between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. Stabbed so the pin is hidden under the buttoned lapels of his jacket, and unbuttoned when the jacket will not be evident. If the clip is attached to the chain, put her ear on the third button of the shirt. A precaution does not hurt – the active movements of the chain will not allow the clip to slide.
You have a beautiful hair clip, combined with the cufflinks, and you do not intend to hide her from the eyes of others? Then pin your pin is higher between the second and third buttons of his shirt. However, then you will have to take care that the clip match the color of the tie. Models warm colors choose the clip from red or yellow gold, to tie the blue-gray scale fit pins white gold and platinum. Be careful with the silverware on light tissue, they can leave dark marks, besides, they are easy to scratch.
A great way to emphasize their loyalty to the company – to wear a tie pin with its logo. This accessory can be attached even higher, near the second button of a shirt. Don't forget to check the position of the logo pin pinned upside down, spoil all the impression.