Test of strength

Often the choice of sleeping place for an elderly person becomes almost unsolvable problem. It happens that people of retirement age are particularly conservative and refuse new mattresses in favor of the old favorite beds.

It is important to understand that the bed that has already served its time, causes imperceptible, but strong damage to the entire musculoskeletal system of the elderly person. Not even noticing, sagging sofa exacerbated curvature of the spine, due to improper body position leads to stagnation of blood, as a result, swelling of the limbs.

In turn, a new mattress can be an escape from such consequences. It is only important to choose.

When visiting the store should not give up to try to lie down on any models of the mattress. Too soft and too hard featherbeds should be abandoned. The optimal choice of a mattress for an elderly person – a mattress with a medium level of stiffness.

Another important criterion – the presence of a layer of natural materials, and is interchangeable cases of hygroscopic and non-staining material.

Home "podiatrist"

Podiatrists recommended in the elderly to use a special orthopedic mattresses that echo the natural contours of the body. Secret design hidden in a special structure of the spring units. They are pressed depending on the severity, and quickly accept the initial form.

Using this mattress, retired can significantly improve the condition of the spine, to eliminate swelling of legs and face, as well as get rid of insomnia.

Depending on a person's weight, the springs have different degrees of hardness. So, single orthopedic mattress of medium hardness is suitable for elderly people up to 80 kg. For pensioners whose weight exceeds this threshold, recommended mattresses with high levels of spring stiffness.

Mattress for insomnia

However, not all pensioners complain of pain in the spine. More often, they suffer from insomnia. Doctors proved that the dream of a young man almost a third longer than in the elderly. It is connected not only with peculiarities of the organism. Often the elderly interferes with sleep discomfort the bed, hillocks and bumps as well as improper rigidity of the feather.

In this case, it is recommended to buy soft nepuganye mattresses with the base in the form of helium. To the touch they are very soft but keep their shape.