Correctly chosen mattress will allow for years sleeping in a comfortable environment. There are several varieties of these products that differ in the type of filler, the presence or absence of springs, purposes. The important role played covers or toppers. With their help you can adjust the stiffness of the bed.

What are the mattresses?

1. Ortopedicheskii.
2. Natural.
3. Artificial.

The type of device they are dependent on spring blocks and independent, and lack thereof. Mattresses with a natural filler made of:
• latex coconut coir
• horsehair
• latex materials

Mattresses with synthetic fillings are composed of:
• оrmafoam
• Omagh
• hallcon

The selection criteria of the mattress

First of all you should define the desired type of rigidity. Products spring blocks are good for their durability and affordable price. Mattresses with independent spring units, each spring is placed in a separate case, so they are a bit more expensive. On this box is missing the "hammock effect".

In springless mattresses use solid or patterned blocks of natural or artificial materials. In the absence of oscillations of the springs such products are more rigid and the quality is not inferior to the spring. They are most optimal for those who prefer to sleep on a soft flat surface.

Once decided on the structure of the future Lodge, must decide which material is most preferable. Natural mattresses are more durable, resistant to wear and the best comfortable feeling. But also products made of artificial materials have their advantages: they are hypoallergenic and have antibacterial properties.

Next, choose a cover or mattress pad. They are of two types: fixed and removable. The first is good because you can wash and change. But to make it at home quite difficult. The best cover is one that fits tightly to the mattress that prevents the formation of wrinkles. Mattress covers are easier to care for, they are fairly easy to hand-remove and wash. If you choose cover with a thin layer of filler, it will help to adjust the rigidity of the mattress.

Which mattress is better?

The optimal choice for device consider a comfortable bed mattresses. These products are chosen not based on appearance, and on the structure and material of manufacture. They are often called "mattress straight back." They are the best option for people with overweight or curvature of the spine. In this case, you need to choose products for spring blocks.

For the elderly it is advisable to buy a soft and medium hardness mattresses. For slim best option is a mattress made of coconut coir, box-spring or springless latex with soft filling. For people of average build can use any products, but should be avoided as too soft or too hard mattresses.