To start a reservation that such a thing as a mattress is always selected individually. What is convenient for one, it can cause terrible discomfort to another. So before buying a mattress have to not only inspect, palpate, but to try it. Before you go to the store, listen to the needs of your body, what it lacked in your old mattress? Perhaps he was too stiff or too soft. Pay attention to what position you usually sleep: on back, on side, on stomach, and can be used several times during the night to change position.
To make it easier to test the mattress in the store, wear appropriate clothing that will not hamper your movements, and you will not be afraid to mess it up.
To make the right choices at vending models need to be in the position you normally take in his sleep. Pay attention to how your body. For example, if you usually sleep on your back, the buttocks should sink into the mattress and hips to remain in a natural position. If you sleep on your side, the mattress sinking the shoulders and hips, and the waist needs to be supported by the mattress.
Several times turn over on the mattress. Note how easy it is you get. When you turn any part of the body you should not feel the Foundation of the mattress.
Pay attention to the size of the product. Exactly lie on your back, combining the fingers on his chest. In this position, the distance from the elbows to the mattress must be at least 15 cm less than 15 cm length of the mattress should exceed your height.
Remember that not all mattresses are versatile, some of them have a weight limit. Those whose weight exceeds 90 kg suitable reinforced model and / or mattresses designed specifically for people with non-standard equipment. If you choose the double mattress for two people of different weight categories, the most convenient option may be to purchase two different mattresses and combining them with a mattress cover.
Before finally choose, test several different mattresses. The most convenient may be the one that you weren't even paying attention.