One of the problematic issues in the employment of a new employee is properly completed records of the office to which he accepted. HR staff in this case must be guided by a special decree of the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation, which envisages the procedure of keeping work record books. If the position is recorded incorrectly, with the result that there will be a violation of the rights of the employee, the organization can prosecute during the next inspection or a complaint by the employee. For proper entry you must have certain internal regulatory documents of the company (staffing) and knowledge of the characteristics related to labour and social rights of some employees.

The General rule for recording worker position

As a General rule, a record of the position for which the employee is accepted, must be made in accordance with the formulas set forth in the special internal normative act of the organization – staffing. In other words, the name of the job when performing this rule is fully consistent with its designation in staffing. If you entered a new position, it is necessary to amend the local regulation, after which it will be possible to take workers to fill jobs. We should not forget about the need to specify not only the position of a new employee, but his qualification (category, category), if available.

Special rules of entry on office by some employees

Existing labour and social legislation provides an increased level of guarantees, additional benefits for employees who work at certain positions. So, teaching staff have extended annual leave, shortened working week, a number of other advantages. If you are working in some job categories, the employee receives a special experience, which allows earlier period to retirement. If such special rules provided by law for the position taken by a new employee, the HR Department should write in the workbook in accordance with the language of the tariff and qualification reference book which contains a list of unified names.