You will need
  • - cardboard thin and thick
  • - banknotes 100 pieces
  • - bow
  • - satin ribbon 2 meters
  • glue
  • now
  • Scotch bilateral
Cut to three tiers round the base of cardboard. For this purpose, suitable packing box. The greatest diameter is 30 centimeters, the other two will be smaller. Slices of grounds decorated with a satin ribbon to hide their irregularities.
From thin cardboard strips are cut, the height of which shall be equal to the height of banknotes. Slightly departing from the edge of the base, glued it to the cut strips. And in order to be convenient to be gluing, cutting needed on the sides to leave the triangles. Bottom triangles is a lot, and the top - up to seven, so it was something to secure the money.
Bills are rolled in a tube. If banknotes in the form of dollars, curtail the need not to end, so as not to close the image on the bill. Coiled tube is fixed banknote clip. The same clip it is secured on a base of cardboard.
The tail attached bills left to attach a bill of the following. The rest of the money are fixed in the same way in a circle.
In this way, formed the three tiers. All the tiers are fastened together with double-sided tape or glue. If desired, they can be decorated with flowers.
Made of thin cardboard is cut out the top of the cake. It is necessary to decorate a large, beautiful bow.