Ilya is rare before stepping into marriage. He tries to stand up, to avoid problems with providing for the family. But he will insist that the woman also worked to the family's financial situation was stable. Not every lady will be able to get along with demanding a man named Ilya. She would have to listen to him, and sometimes even to fulfill demanding requirements.
Good work Ilya with Anastasia. Such a marriage will be long and strong. The girl is very calm, do not tend to be emotional people, able to contain their emotions. But inside she is sensitive and very bright. If Ilya can see the light inside, if you can to support him, and would not require a confession of love in the presence of outsiders, the couple all goes. Nastya is going to give him advice about what to do, she is well versed in what is profitable, sees opportunities for additional income. He regularly will help her in the upbringing of children.
Ilya and Natalia is a very stable combination. It tends to faithfulness and constancy, know how to save that love Ilya. He would trust her with the family budget, knowing that she wouldn't spend it on stupid things. Girl very sociable, along with Ilya it will be all the time in the spotlight. Such a pair always attracts, always admired. Only it is important that after 40 passion has not subsided, as both people at this age can become boring. If in this period, the children are still small, conflict could be avoided, as will common interests.
Sophia can be a great pair of Ilya. But in the house she will be the main, not man. Very strong nature will not allow someone to manage themselves, and Elijah will be forced to submit. This Union is easy, as a woman will send a man who will tell you the plan of action, and she will be able to help. Ilya in this marriage receives reliable rear which will never fail, everything will control. Thrift Ilya will slightly suffer, as Sophia knows how to spend money and loves to do it, but at least she has a tendency to making, so the Union will not be poor.
Ilya and Yana is also an interesting combination. This option is suitable only held the man, if he is willing to take responsibility for fragile and vulnerable to Jan. She's in the Union will always play second role. She's a good mother, a good hostess, dear companion and a great friend. But all the reins she trusts a man, will not interfere in the decision of important issues. Jan flexible, but enjoy luxury and convenience, so it will require the husband to improve the conditions of expensive purchases. Only Elijah, having success in business will be able to keep such a woman.