The beginning of the lunar month is considered the new Moon. The period of the new moon takes 1-2 days, while the moon in the sky is almost not visible: so she "fell" after the previous cycle. The next day after the new moon are considered to be the beginning of a new lunar month, that is since that time the moon begins to "grow". The time of the waxing moon is considered the best for the accomplishment of feats. If you want to start a new life: quit Smoking, start exercising, change the job – the waxing moon will help you in all your endeavors!
To determine the phases of the moon can be in appearance of the moon. If the moon is not visible, it is new moon, beginning of the lunar month."To grow the moon starts on the right side, with each night closer to the left, increasing to a bright Crescent of the glowing disk.When the moon grew to its maximum size, it begins a full moon. You see in the sky a luminous disk. The moon drops in the same direction, and "grow". Its right edge fades and becomes less noticeable and the Crescent is curved to the left. He gradually becomes thinner and thinner, and disappears again to the new moon.
Remember the method of determining the lunar cycle, which we have been taught since childhood. Mentally put a vertical stick to the Crescent. If you see the letter P, the moon rising, if the letter U – the moon is decreasing.
The lunar cycle is 4 nights in which the moon stops its motion. These breaks are called I, II, III and IV quarters respectively. Two of them occur in the period of the waxing moon, two come during waning moon.
To independently follow the lunar calendar difficult: as a rule, it is not the same as traditional, and the moon sometimes cannot be seen because of the clouds and the clouds. Buy the lunar calendar in any kiosk with the press or make the appropriate request in the search pages of the Internet. There will be a "schedule" and the traditional lunar calendar and the main recommendations for actions in each of the lunar days.