You will need
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - sponge;
  • - alcohol;
  • water;
  • - cleaning leather furniture;
  • milk.
Regularly clean leather furniture vacuum cleaner - so the pores on the surface of the material will always be clean. In addition, from time to time wipe the leather with a damp cloth moistened with soap solution or special means for care of leather furnitureYu. This will protect it from drying out and prevent cracking. Carefully clean and wipe the seams, as they always clogged full of dust. Once a year, use special skin - the so-called cosmetics to furniture. You can wipe sofas and armchairs sponges impregnated with stearic grease.
To dry skin after wet cleaning, do not use heating appliances, Hairdryers; just wipe the surface with a dry cloth. In General try not to put such furniture in the sunlight or near batteries, since the skin is susceptible to temperature changes that cause cracking and shattering of the dye.
Even regular cleaning cannot insure the furniture against unforeseen situations, for example, children paint the chair with markers, you will shed on the sofa, wine or coffee. This mess can ruin the appearance of leather furniture, so you need to act quickly. If something is spilled on the skin, take a rag and remove the excess fluid that it did not spread. Then, use absorbent paper or gauze to the base of the filler is not wet. To remove a stain from wine, wipe it with a cloth soaked in a light alcohol solution.
Traces of tea, coffee or dirt can be removed with a soft damp cloth or cotton wool. Wet a piece of cotton wool in soapy water and RUB the stain, making a circular motion, then dry with a dry cloth. But do not RUB, do not press on the skin. For skin cleaning, you cannot use acetone, turpentine, abrasive powders and pastes.
Stains from felt-tip pens or ballpoint pens can be withdrawn the sticky tape. Glue it on the trail, push and pull. If that doesn't work, soak a cotton in rubbing alcohol and wipe the stain, then treat with stearic sponge. If leather furniture stuck chewing gum, attach the ice pack, wait for it to harden, then scrape some blunt object.
If you are not satisfied with a special liquid for cleaning leather furniture, use folk remedies. Can be cleaned the skin natural milk. Wet a soft sponge in milk, wring out and wipe the furniture. After that the surface will become shiny and soft.