You will need
  • - Vacuum cleaner
  • - Soap solution
  • - Foam for carpets and furniture
  • - Stain removers
Ways to clean upholstered furniture from dirt, stains and nipped depend on the type of upholstery and type of contamination. Easier to care with furniture made of leather or imitation leather. This sofa simply wipe with a damp cloth and it looks like new. For stubborn dirt you can use regular soap without harsh additives.
The situation becomes much more complicated if the sofaupholstery Naya represents any kind of textile – jacquard, flock, velour. The easiest way to clean this sofa with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Sprinkle a particularly contaminated places with some kind of stain remover, wait 15-45 minutes, so have time to work on stains. Fill cleaner detergent solution and wash the sofa. If the sofa is very dirty, it may be that the procedure of washing have to repeat 2-3 times. And the last time for washing is better to take clean water, you'll be surprised how much soap has absorbed the sofa when washing.
If you don't have cleaner, use special foam for cleaning carpets and sofas. Napishite the foam on the sofa, RUB it with a sponge on the surface, wait until the foam dries, and collect dirt conventional vacuum cleaner.
Never RUB the sofa too hard, what material he would not be upholstered. Strong rubbing may cause partial damage of the upholstery, and Waterton place will differ markedly from the rest of the surface.
Stains from sofas are derived similarly as with any textile. View, than derived any stain from the clothes and will do the same and with the surface of the sofa. For example, stains from tea and coffee should be treated with a solution of vinegar, ink residue washed with acetone and so on. But before you engage in battle with a spot, try to put the spot remover on a sofa in an inconspicuous area to make sure that it does not spoil the upholstery.
Quite after seeing the newly clean couch, think about how you can protect it from contamination in the future. The plain Cape is not only prolong the life of your upholstered furniture, but also significantly decorate it, make it cosy.