How is hepatitis

The liver in the body acts as a filter, passing through it cleansing the blood of toxins and poisons. It also normalizes the metabolism. If the liver stops working normally, begin to accumulate harmful substances. As a result, it worsens the General condition, causes disorders of the nervous system, endangers a person's life. Hepatitis is one of the most common diseases of the liver. It is characterized by lesions of the cells of the body.

Inflammation may develop or because of alcohol abuse, after poisoning industrial poisons, medicines, mushrooms. Pathology can cause chronic disorders of the digestive tract, improper diet. However, most hepatitis are caused by viruses, they penetrate the liver through the blood and begin to multiply. The virus captures the immune system, it destroys the infected cells. As a result, the liver loses its ability to neutralize poisons and toxins, support digestion and balance of vitamins. The more actively the immune system fights the virus, the worse working liver.

What to do when hepatitis

In acute hepatitis the body can cope with the infection for about six months. If the development of the disease the body poorly protected, the virus is in the liver longer than 6 months, as a result, the disease becomes chronic. Similar cases have been reported in 5-10% of patients with hepatitis b, and 60-70% with hepatitis C. Healthy liver tissue can be quite long to carry the increased load, therefore, chronic hepatitis occurs years. However, its consequences are sad: 10-20 years may develop liver cirrhosis or cancer.

To determine infection with hepatitis on external symptoms is difficult. To confirm the diagnosis need to be tested for the detection of viruses, undergo ultrasound of the liver. Treatment of viral hepatitis conducts infectious disease physician. Therapy of chronic viral diseases caused by viruses b and C are quite complex and lengthy. Better treatable hepatitis type A.

To modern methods of treatment of chronic viral hepatitis include combination antiviral therapy that includes interferon and nucleoside analogues. Medications will have to take for several months. During treatment, you need to follow a strict diet consisting of enough calories, easy to digest food. As additional funds under the supervision of a doctor can use herbal medicine.