According to recent statistics, hepatitis C in chronic form, affects about 170 million people on Earth. This disease is very serious damage, first of all, the main organ of hematopoiesis is the liver. The main route of infection is blood. Infection occurs during unprotected sexual intercourse, tattoo and piercing salons, but most often among drug addicts, repeated use of the syringe in an uncontrolled group of people for the injection of drugs. Marked and a high percentage of patients among the medical staff who got the virus in violation of basic sanitary norms in working with infected blood through wounds on the skin. In a domestic environment, that is, by airborne droplets, the disease is transmitted, moreover, the possibility of infection of a child from a sick mother are possible only in 5%, and then when you break the birth canal during delivery and simultaneous damage to the skin of the child.

Signs of hepatitis C

Many believe that do not belong to the risk group of infection of this terrible disease, but know what it looks like hepatitis C, is required every. The initial stage of the disease do not have external manifestations. After infection, almost all patients observed excessive weakness, fast fatigability, a decrease in the overall tone and mood without apparent reason, but suggested that the reason could be that this disease! The incubation period can last up to 2 months or even for several years, and the disease in this period does not show any symptoms, using the body as an infected carrier. But in most cases, after 40-50 days, there is a yellowness of the skin, as a result of inflammation (cirrhosis) of the liver tissue increases the size of the stomach, the skin of the whole body appear spider veins. In addition, the patient greatly decreases the appetite, increasing weakness, pain in the joints.

Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases

Symptoms the symptoms of hepatitis C correspond to its acute or chronic forms, the treatment of which should take place only under the supervision of the physicians in the hospital. After a detailed examination of the patient, a doctor appointed by multidisciplinary therapy, excluding the progressive development of the disease and its negative impact on the internal organs. Modern drugs able to cope even with complex and chronic forms of hepatitis C, but be careful not to get it, must every. First of all, we can not allow casual sex with unknown partners without using a condom. Intake of drugs is a less common way of transmission than love Affairs. When visiting clinics need to demand compliance with basic sanitary norms from the technician of the medical staff, in cases of neglect them. Elementary caution and common sense will help you avoid getting infected not only with hepatitis C, and other diseases.