Pass examination in the insurance company of the culprit or his. Please contact personally to the insurance company and provide all the documents about the accident. Need help about the incident from the police with a description of the vehicle damage, the insurance policy and the copy of the resolution of the violation. If the accident is your fault, then you will receive compensation under the policy CASCO. If guilty the second party to the accident, payment will be done by the company in which he purchased the insurance policy.
The insurance expert will prescribe the date and time of the examination, a telegram informing the second participant of incident. Before inspection, wash the car, that would be all the damage to the car has come to the attention of the appraiser.
After receiving the results of the assessment do not wait for payments, contact an independent examination. The insurance company will pay you the amount. The amount of the assessment often turns out to be significantly below the actual cost to repair the machine. In the calculation of insurance appraisers include the degree of wear of the car, not the market value of spare parts and repairs. The insurance company is not interested to pay extra money.
Assign together with the independent expert convenient time and place of inspection. Notify by telegram to the insurance company and the guilty party. If at the specified time except you and the appraiser on inspection no one was – wait for another half hour, then proceed with the inspection. The independent expert will describe in detail all exterior damage to the vehicle and visible internal. After a certain time you receive the actual cost of damage to your car. If in the process of repair of the vehicle discovered hidden damage – re-call an independent appraiser, expert of the insurance company the second party and the culprit.
Very often the amount of the damage assessment to the insurance company and an independent examination is significantly different. You have to get from the insurance company to the payment of damages corresponding to the real repair costs. To do this, contact your lawyer. For a fee, he will make a statement and will protect your interests in court. The money spent on a lawyer will be compensated in case of a positive decision.