The diligent employer concludes with an employee's official employment contract where much detail must be specified all the conditions of work. In particular, it prescribes pay. The ideal employer always pays the only "white" salary. Thanks to this, the employee can later receive higher pension, decent reimbursement, and great benefits for pregnancy and child care. Also the employee at any time can issue a salary certificate or 2-pit, and the employee will not have problems when making loans and visas for going abroad.
Many people dream about high salaries, but a reasonable leader would not pay more than the market average, if you do not possess any special knowledge and skills. Therefore, you should not dream of unnecessarily high pay, because it will not pay even a perfect employer. Better to improve their skills, to have grounds for a salary increase.
As a perfect promotion the employer pays employees bonuses by results of work and does not apply penalties.
The dream employer cares about its employees and offers them attractive benefits package: paid dial telephone, meals, visiting gyms, travel or provides corporate transportation. Many large companies make for their employees and their families policies additional health insurance.
Ideally the employer is engaged in the development of its employees and regularly organizes trainings and seminars and also guides professionals on courses of improvement of qualification.
Compliance with the requirement of the Labour code – another trait of an ideal employer. The company promptly provides its employees with vacation, timely lists a salary, sick and other mandatory payments. All processing kompensiruet specialists money or extra days off.
For the perfect work friendly atmosphere, colleagues are always ready to help. From time to time, the employer conducts corporate events to rally the team, because employees should be a pleasure to come to work.
To qualify for a place in the ideal employer, you must be a valuable employee because no one will provide excellent working conditions the lazy, disinterested worker who repeatedly violates the conditions of labor.