The mechanism of karma is perfect. According to her, it always happens fairly and in a timely manner, in the form in which it must happen. Karma is a kind of mechanism of spiritual growth and learning, thanks to the karma of the people recognize, understand and accept the consequences of their actions. Any experience of suffering contains within itself the lesson of the impossibility of repetition of such events.
Karma can be divided into negative and positive. Of course, the latter does not require testing, but it can accumulate, and not to save money, but to be perceived as a valuable resource.
In today's complex, dynamic world working off karma can be a daunting task. To work or to purify negative karma, you'll first need to understand your mistakes in the past, the root causes of negative karma. This is best done under the guidance of a spiritual teacher or master, because people are often inadequately assess your past actions, can hardly give a correct assessment of their actions, and hence to accept them and their consequences. A good spiritual teacher can help to look at past actions from an unexpected point of view. Realizing what caused your negative act, you can try to correct its consequences — to change something in life, to ask forgiveness from the people he hurt, make new right decisions on the basis of available information. This is the working out of karma.
Karma is a complex multi-level concept. It is possible to work, that is, to understand the intricacies of their actions and their consequences, and can be cleaned. Cleaning of karma, in fact, heal the past, relieves the load already spent karma, removes the tail that stretches behind you from incarnation to incarnation. Before practicing a particularly difficult nodes of karma, it is best to make such a clearance, it can be done with mantras or prayers, depending on your religious beliefs.
For the purification of karma it is necessary to recite mantras or prayers in three weeks. These verbal formulas carry vibrational healing code. Of course, to prayers or mantras it has worked, it is necessary to pronounce them correctly.
The post meditation, yoga and other physical practices will accelerate the cleansing of karma. Regular yoga and meditation can improve the energy field, make it thicker, add clarity. This helps better assess all committed in the past, to draw conclusions, to take more deliberate steps in the working out of karma.