You will need
  • - the audience of the Lama;
  • - book of Jae Tsongkhapa Lam-rim";
  • - book Hive Rinpoche the words of My benevolent Teacher"
Before accepting Buddhism, we should study and understand its tenets. This may help in the texts of "Lam-rim" Jae Tsongkhapa ,"the words of My benevolent Teacher" Patrul Rinpoche.
The Words Of My Benevolent Teacher
The man who decided to become a Buddhist, should learn the basic Buddhist truth. The four of them.Truth number 1
The life of any being – animal, human, and God is infinite suffering. People suffer from cold, heat, depression and many other unpleasant aspects of life. Have fun, man, in fact, suffers too. Because he is afraid of losing a pleasant feeling and its source.Truth number 2
The ability of people to hate and to desire is the cause of all their troubles. A person experiencing these two feelings, do things that aggravate his karma.Truth number 3
That people have learned to get rid of suffering, he needs to learn to improve their karma. It is necessary to perform only good deeds, to get rid of passion, hatred, resentments and desires.Truth number 4
The main goal of the Buddhists - the attainment of enlightenment and Nirvana (liberation from suffering). The wisdom and morality that will help to achieve this. People must focus on achieving these two States, and to help him there is a hexadecimal way, which you must pass.
Stages hexadecimal way.Step 1. A true understanding.
To gain a true understanding of the nature of things, you need to constantly think about the four main concepts. In them is the whole truth of existence.Step 2. The true determination.
People who wanted to become a follower of the Buddha should make the decision to stay firmly on the chosen path. The difficulty lies in the fact that everything that happens to man in the ordinary world, it neither delight nor disappoint.Step 3. True speech.
It should be remembered that karma is not only actions but also words. You must strictly follow your own words. Followers of Buddhism it is forbidden to lie, gossip, swear. All this aggravates karma.Step 4. True behavior.
For the improvement of karma should always do only good deeds. It is forbidden to kill (even insects), hurt anyone, to engage in theft and adultery.Step 5. True life.
Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol spoil the karma already just because distort the human mind, and it should be clean and clear. If the person does not wish to be reborn in the next incarnation in the animal world, he should forget about prostitution, gambling and fraud. To defend their country and justice with weapons in their hands - a good thing, but to trade weapons for their own gain - so to weigh down the karma.Step 6. The true stress.
Man is not so easy given hexadecimal way, as Samsara (real life), with its suffering, does not let him. Efforts are required to pass this path to the end.Step 7. The true idea.
A person needs to realize that what he believed the self is a concept quite elusive. Not there is anything that is connected with personality, all this is ephemeral and not eternal.Step 8. The true concentration.
When a person will do only good things and improve, he will attain purity of consciousness, after which comes the state of peace and equanimity. All this should lead to full enlightenment. Becoming enlightened, the people will decide what to do and what further path to choose. And there are two ways to go to Nirvana or to become boddisatva.
Image octal way
People who have chosen the path of Buddhist, you should understand one important thing. To be born human is the highest grace in the world. Only in the world of people (and not animals or spirits) there is free will and, consequently, freedom of choice journey. But to be born a man fell not for everyone. According to the Buddhists, this chance is equal to that of a tortoise, rising from the depths of the sea and popping its head to the surface, gets his head in a small lonely wooden circle, thrown on the surface of the great oceans.
The chance to be born a man is not for everyone
In principle, once a person realized all of the above, accept all the truth and went in a hexadecimal way, he can safely consider himself a Buddhist. If the follower of the Buddha you will need official recognition, it is necessary a meeting with the Lama. It is best to know where and when the meeting or lecture with the teacher. After it, you should request an audience with the Lama. After a conversation held during an audience with the Lama decides whether a person is willing to be a follower of the Buddha.
Meeting with Lama