Home sweet home

The apartment house is composed of:
residential premises: apartments, rooms (in the hostel).
– non-residential premises: (as a General rule, premises on the ground floors of buildings).
– other premises that are not part of the apartment. This includes stairwells, elevators, attics and basements.

For and against

The price of the apartment increases with the floor. Usually consider the extreme floors of the most uncomfortable. But lately the first floor in new homes began to make non – social facilities (kindergarten, clinic), commercial premises (shop, pharmacy, cafe, dry cleaning, office, garages.

First floor:

– ease. For the elderly and people with disabilities, young mothers with small children.
– a habit. Some whole life lived on the first floor and not want to change my habits.
fear. Fear of heights and distrust of the Elevator.
– the price. For some, the apartment above is not available for the money.
it is very unsafe. Easy access for thieves. You have to install bars on the Windows, therefore deteriorating the appearance and darkens the room.
– audibility. You can hear everything happening on the street, felt the outdoor smells, sometimes feels damp, there are insects. More dirt is brought in stairwells.
visibility. From the street see what is happening in the apartment.
– permeability. Past is a lot of people, especially if the house has an Elevator.

Second floor:

For: match the first.
Disadvantages as the first, except for visibility and patency. But if the first floor is commercial space, then life is difficult: noise, different smells, and there may be cockroaches.

Third to fifth:

– ease. When damage to the Elevator, not very difficult to climb. Delivery of furniture, appliances, finishing materials cost less than higher floors.
– clean. Little insects, there is no dampness.
visibility. Look out the window can only residents of the house opposite.
– odors. The exhaust gases of motor vehicles and other street smells.
– audibility. Also good, mostly in the courtyard consisting of several buildings, located in a circle.

Sixth – tenth:

Considered almost perfect.
– odors. The exhaust is almost not felt.
– light. Gets a lot of light into the apartment, as the city rarely seen tall trees.
noise. The sounds from below continue to bring inconvenience.
– higher prices. Upon delivery of heavy things, the payment increases.

Tenth to fifteenth:

– improving. Disadvantages of the lower floors are virtually absent. In addition to excessively loud sounds such as the alarm on the car.
– light. Nothing prevents the penetration of light.
height. Broken Elevator is a big problem.
– odors. Gone is the exhaust from automobiles, but can appear from CHP and boiler (if any nearby).
fear. Fear of heights, self-cleaning Windows.
In the case when the family has small children, it is necessary for them to follow. A fall from that height is deadly.

Sixteenth and above:

– clean. No dirt, street dust, noise, smells.
facilities. Heat, light and flies do not bite. Enjoy the beautiful view. On the last floor it is possible to make access to the roof.
fear. People with weak nerves afraid to approach the Windows, balconies. Danger when cleaning Windows.
height. When damage to the Elevator lift becomes a test.