When locally advanced cancer is usually found tumor ulceration of the skin, which in the period of disintegration is accompanied by tissue necrosis, infection, and extensive new bleeding ulcers. This condition greatly complicates the clinical course of cancer and negatively affects the quality of life of patients. In addition, patients with spreading tumours is very difficult to appoint high-quality cancer treatment, because the toxic effects of chemotherapy significantly delays the process of healing of such ulcers.

Disintegrating tumors of the internal organs require immediate hospitalization for cancer patients.

The decay of the tumor becomes a major symptomatic treatment aimed at relief of inflammation, bleeding and unpleasant odor from the ulcers. In addition, appointed antibacterial therapy, medication pick up, based on the sensitivity of microflora to him. As a result, if there is a visible reduction of intoxication, doctors may begin active antitumor treatment. If the patient with internal disintegrating tumor in the absence of reception of iron preparations marked black stools, or vomit resembling coffee grounds, is an urgent need to call an ambulance.

Caring for a decaying tumor

Patients with external disintegrating tumor, in need of constant cleaning of ulcers from pus and necrotic tissues with antiseptics. This procedure is carried out in gloves, using a saline solution of sodium chloride, 3% hydrogen peroxide or furatsilinovoy solution. Pus can be washed out of the ulcer using a syringe without a needle, directing a jet of antiseptic on the wound under slight pressure.

With a strong wet bandages, superimposed on a decaying tumor, you need to change it as often as possible to avoid permanent infection.

With the appearance of a sharp unpleasant smell from the wound, you should treat it with antiseptics and covered with powder from the tablets metronidazole or trichopolum. As the disintegrating tumor is always accompanied by possible bleeding, therefore, the appearance of drops of blood on the surface of the ulceration you need to make him a styptic. In the case of massive bleeding the wound impose hemostatic sponge or multilayer gauze tampons impregnated with aminocaproic acid.