Currently mixed connection method is used in particular to build a special bridge amplifiers to any audio on the machine that allows to achieve the best quality sound speakers. We consider a mixed type connection. Our solutions do not require you any serious expenditure of funds and time, in addition, they have been repeatedly tested by motorists in practice.
For mixed connection method is suitable to any brand of stereos with bridge amplifiers power above 20 watts per speaker. Models with two or four channel amplifiers low-power installed on the direct principle of "plug – socket", and it happens pretty simple.
For the combined method we will need 2 cables connect to the input of type "Tulip". Using this method can greatly increase the sound quality of your speakers with even a cheap radio. Most cheap stereos installed compact coaxial or full-range front speakers, which, due to its low density and poor acoustic design of a sound signal can cause overload in the speakers, which will lead to sound distortion even at medium volume levels, the radio.
In order to resolve this, we will need a HPF. It is also recommended when connecting audio to use filters of first order with a universal frequency of about 90-160 Hz. However, the choice of such a wire depends largely on the characteristics of the head of the audio system and acoustic design.
In addition, you can use regular patch cords with this connector. However, you will need to choose the right cross section, having consulted with the salesman in the showroom to play music from an amplifier is not deteriorated. All work when you connect the unit through an amp is to find the right cable, which will not lead to the loss of sound quality.