Each type of bags for the vacuum cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages. These products are disposable and reusable. The first is taken out from the vacuum as they are filling and discarded. If the bag is reusable, debris and dust shake container and set a place.

What is the bag for cleaner better?

The best bags for vacuum think disposable bags. There are several types of these products, each with their own particular use. Most disposable bags are made of filter paper, folded in several layers. This capacity can effectively hold not only large debris but also dust. Sharp objects entering the vacuum cleaner during cleaning, will not damage the multi-layered package.

The obvious advantage of disposable bags in their hygiene: do not breathe the dust while scrubbing the dust collector, there is no colonization of the internal cavity of bag of different bacteria, as in the case of the use of reusable containers. Typically, disposable bags for vacuum cleaner fitted with frame of cardboard, paddles, and rubber gasket. There are bags with micro-filter, which provides additional protection for the engine of a vacuum cleaner against the ingress of dust.

Disposable bags made from synthetic materials, provide a multistage purification of air that exits the vacuum cleaner during its operation. These bags consist of four layers of synthetic material with a fibrous structure. These disposable containers are elastic, so they included a much larger volume of garbage. This allows the use of dust for much longer.

When buying bags for a vacuum cleaner you need to consider the model of the machine in use. The fact is that for each brand to manufacture their disposable capacity considering its features. For other vacuum cleaner models they will not fit.

What good reusable bags for your vacuum cleaner?

Reusable dust bags are made of thick fabric. These products are less effective than bags of filter paper or synthetics. The pores in the fabric reusable containers larger, so leaving cleaner air considerably more dust, which settles on floors and furnishings. With the flow of air fall microorganisms that evolve and inevitably accumulate in the reusable bag. Perhaps the only advantage of these dust bags is that they have a long life, so do not require replacement for many years.