Advice 1: How much is a gram of silver

With silver people met in ancient times. Archaeologists discovered ancient coins of 500 samples, consisting of half silver and half alloy of other metals.
How much is a gram of silver
Silver is a precious metal used in industry, medicine and jewelry. Coins, jewelry, boxes, tableware – small part of silver jewelry. All jewelry made from silver, put sample. The cost of the products also depends on samples of the noble metal. The most valuable of 84-th (old), followed by 875, 925 and 960, on the 800 and 830 of the sample. The highest is 999, the price of which is always negotiable. Products of this sample at a cost often bypass jewelry.

That means the sample

Since silver by itself is very malleable and soft metal, it will always add to the impurities of other metals. It could be zinc, cadmium, Nickel, aluminum. But most often it is copper, the introduction of which silver becomes resistant to external influences. If the overabundance of copper, silver becomes yellow and is used for making table decorations and table appointments. For example, the 800 sample means the silver content of not less than 83%, the rest – impurities of copper.

875 sample – not less than 87.5% of the silver. Silver this sample is used in jewelry and in industry. Silver alloy higher 960 samples contains 96% silver and is used to make fine filigree jewelry.

The cost of 1 gram silver

Daily the Central Bank of Russia at 15.00 Moscow time) sets accounting prices for precious metals. This data is used for accounting in credit institutions on the next day after establishment. Account rates for transactions of purchase and sale are not used.

To estimate the cost of 1 gram of silver 925 and 960 samples, need today the valuation price multiplied by the coefficients with 0.925 and 0.96, respectively. For transactions of purchase and sale on the domestic market, apply the market price that takes into account the level of risk of the Central Bank of Russia and the world market situation. For example, the cost of 1 gram of raw 999 silver in April 2011 had a maximum level of 42 rubles in March 2014 the maximum price was 21.46 ruble.

Price of 1 gram of silver in jewelry can vary in the range from 40 to 100 rubles. Also the price depends on the size of the product, of its kind, the applied technology of manufacture, and the fame of the manufacturer.

Buying scrap 925 silver at pawnshops is 25 rubles per gram.

Advice 2: How much is 1 gram of silver

Silver is a noble metal is a beautiful silvery-white color. It has miraculous properties and is also used as a disinfectant in fighting infection. Silver is widely used in industry and science, but its main purpose is to manufacture from it beautiful jewellery, various amulets and jewelry. Therefore, silver products have a fairly high price.
How much is 1 gram of silver
In the international system are the following samples of silver: 925, 916, 960, 800, 750, 875. Silver 960 samples is used for the manufacture of jewelry fine workmanship, this alloy of such a metal is considered the highest. A sample of 916 is used in the minting of dishes, 875, 800 and 750 are the lowest and unclaimed. Thanks to the technological properties and the look of a noble 925 sterling fashion silver became especially popular. In addition, this metal has a high strength, so it is actively used in jewelry.

The cost of a gram of silver in jewelry can vary within wide limits. On average, it ranges in size from 40 to 100 rubles per 1 gram. This price difference depends on the size of the product and its appearance, fame of the manufacturer and the technology used in the manufacture of jewelry. To date, the pawn shops are buying scrap 925 silver, the price of which is 25 rubles per gram.

What are the magical properties of silver

The currents of esoteric orientation of silver is characterized as a metal having magical properties. Since ancient times, silver is associated with Moon, the Protectress of secret forces. The accumulation of knowledge about this metal contributed to the emergence of the faith of the Scandinavians that silver is the most miraculous substance. This metal is considered natural-a clean and pristine. It is for this reason he is credited with the ability to absorb and absorb any negativity. Also the ancient people it was believed that a silver casts out evil spirits, restoring the soul, the mind and the body of the person who wears it.

What are the curative effect silver

It is known that silver, being a heavy, but less toxic among the metals, has a fairly pronounced properties kill bacteria. A silver coin, put on the third eye region relieves headaches and mental stress. In addition, the person wearing the ring of the metal on the ring finger of the left hand helps to strengthen the heart. If worn on the same hand a silver bracelet, it will help to reduce the body temperature, thereby eliminating the heat. For many centuries doctors have used this metal for the treatment of tuberculosis, intestinal infections, burns and wounds. To date, each pharmacy chain is willing to offer the buyer a large number of medicines containing metal, and colloidal silver.
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