After quitting the body starts the recovery mechanism of the respiratory system, but the cleansing light of the settled them in poisons does not occur immediately. The duration of the period of regeneration depends on the degree of contamination of the respiratory system and can range from three months to one year. Depending on the experience of Smoking, improvement of the lung is accompanied by various symptoms: exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, wet cough, bad breath or lack all sorts of manifestations.

Don't worry – like reaction means the beginning of the active output of tar, toxins and accumulated mucus. Present in tobacco smoke substances cease to block the work of the cilia of the ciliated epithelium in the bronchi, and the inherent nature purification system begins to "General cleaning" of the respiratory tract. If you want to support are being healed the body with Wellness treatments is quite reasonable and timely decision.

Physical activity and breathing exercises

The process of cleansing the lungs starts up much faster in the presence of physical activity. What physical activity contributes to the restoration of pulmonary ventilation. The most optimal sports are Jogging, swimming, aerobics, skiing.

If the condition does not allow active movement, can be limited to simple walks in the fresh air; ideally in a coniferous forest. The fact that coniferous forest is a real factory of phytoncides that inhibit the reproduction and growth of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, volatiles emitted by needles, increase lung capacity. Strolling through this forest at least 2 times a week, can significantly improve their own health.

In addition to walks and sports, there are various systems of breathing exercises, including yoga classes. These exercises stimulate the cleansing of the lungs and increase expectorant effect, but we must remember that there are limitations that apply to any active forms of physical activity. Among the possible contraindications can be noted the presence of hypertension, hernias, serious eye problems, bronchial asthma and some other diseases. In such cases, before proceeding to sporting activities, you should consult with your doctor.

Inhalation and bath treatments

Very efficient and simple way of healing influence on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract are inhalation using essential oils or decoctions of herbs. It is recommended to choose herbal teas, which contain needles of pine, cedar, fir and juniper. In addition, you can use a mixture of herbs containing the leaves of black currant, eucalyptus, oak, birch, grass, sage, wormwood, mint, and Linden flowers, lavender and chamomile. Each of these components is effective alone and in Assembly.

Steam in the Russian bath – also a well-established method by which is cleansing the body of toxins and freeing the lungs from products of Smoking. Experienced bathers claim that to achieve the desired effect it is very important to choose the appropriate broom. For example, birch twigs helps to waste sputum, expansion of bronchial tubes, and easier breathing. And fir and juniper twigs have antibacterial properties and is extremely useful for healing the respiratory system ex-smokers.

Food and folk remedies

In order for the human body, quit Smoking, recovered as quickly as possible, it is necessary to adjust the power in the direction of increasing vegetables and fruits. Among the most useful products include garlic, pineapples, tangerines, apples, green tea, chicken broth and milk. Garlic, for example, contains allicin – the active ingredient, solvent toxic plaque in the lungs. The pulp of mandarins, in turn, is rich in synephrine – a compound that helps cleanse the lungs and bronchial tubes of phlegm.

As for milk, drink it warm before bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach. Folk medicine advises to add to the morning portion of milk a dessert spoon of butter. This method leads to a productive cough, which are derived through mucus and sputum. The following folk remedy is practiced since ancient times and has proven efficacy.

We are talking about oatmeal cleansing. Medicine for this method is prepared by evaporation of one Cup of oats in half a liter of milk on low heat. Once the initial volume of the drink will decrease by half, a mixture of the fray and take in the form of heat before eating.

The specified dose for a single admission; the application frequency to three times a day. About a week after the start of treatment milky oat broth will begin active discharge of mucus accompanied by a chronic cough. If this accumulated light dirt can come in the form of green or grey clots.

A good tool is, also, a decoction of violets and oregano. This drug stimulates the ciliated epithelium of the respiratory tract and does not have a pronounced expectorant action. It should be noted that traditional medicine provides many recipes that are designed specifically to cleanse the lungs of the smoker. Among them are easy to find its most suitable means.

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Salt caves and salt chambers

Information about the positive effect of being in salt caverns appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. The impact of the microclimate of salt caves is evidenced by the many patients who completed a course of halotherapy. According to recorded parameters, salt caves are characterized by a unique bacterial purity; the presence of ions of magnesium, sodium, potassium, iodine, calcium; as well as certain pressure, temperature and humidity.

Thanks to this combination, increased respiratory reserves, improves pulmonary ventilation, activates ciliated epithelium and observed anti-inflammatory effect. At the present time were established premises, which reproduces the natural microclimate of salt hospitals. Such cabinets are called halochambers, or speleo-climatic chambers.