Advice 1: What is the escort service

Probably many have heard such a thing as escort services, but not everyone knows what it means. Very often, like hearing, a contemptuously smirking, falsely implying that prostitution, saunas and massage parlours. It often happens that such a notion is erroneous. Escorts in translation from English means – support.
What is the escort service

So what are escort services?

Escorts or VIP services appeared not so long ago. They are designed for those who are called cream of society – people successful and wealthy. Such people often take part in various events, exhibitions, various forums. And then the question: "With whom you can go to a event, to maintain the status of a successful person?". Usually, at such events it is not customary to come alone. Often business people appear accompanied by a charming, entertaining companion who will be able to hold a conversation.

With confidence we can say that escort service is a very powerful tool for successful negotiations. A beautiful and smart girl plays the role of distraction, maybe even to soften the position of the uncooperative partner. It will help to create the right psychological atmosphere, to raise the status followed by the client, and thereby to achieve the desired results in the course of the transaction. In fact, escort services are not much different from other tools for negotiation. Here lies the reason for the popularity of agencies providing escort services.

What should be the girl providing escort services

As a rule, girls with higher education. The young lady should be charming, sociable, versed in various matters. This is often the graduates of faculties of foreign languages, journalism or psychology.

It often happens that the companies that provide escort services, compete with model agencies. The main credo of the Agency VIP-services – communication and intellectual dignity, a modeling Agency provides only feminine. Girls, before you get into this VIP Agency must undergo an interview. Mandatory condition – model looks and well-groomed appearance. The presence of at least two foreign languages is welcome.

Many skeptics do not believe: "But what about the sequel? Can not be that such agencies are not provided sex services?". Yes, indeed a company of the escort service is a well-camouflaged nest of corruption." To be honest, many of them also provide the following services, usually by appointment and for a fee.

In our time it is difficult for someone to surprise. Sometimes it happens that such a simple ritual, like lunch or going to the races, you want to spend smart, intelligent conversationalist. And many are willing to pay for it. In the world of business people: the larger the business, the more alienation. Normal, human communication sometimes becomes a luxury. But what about sex? Sex is now fairly and without escort.

Advice 2 : What is the recruiting Agency

The labour market is so large and varied that to understand it yourself is not always. As a rule, come to the aid of recruiting (manpower) agencies that provide services to job seekers and employers.
What is the recruiting Agency
Recruitment agencies can be divided into two main types, depending on who their main customers – the job seekers or employers. In the first case they are generally referred to as employment agencies, while the second – by the recruitment agencies.

Scheme of work recruiters

The scheme of work of employment agencies, in principle, quite simple. For a fee, the applicant provides information on the few vacancies that might be suitable. In principle, this part of the Agency's employment ends, therefore, the ratio of applicants to this business, usually very restrained. Data on vacancies of the Agency obtained either from public sources or directly from the personnel departments of organizations and enterprises.
There are also the Agency of so-called mixed type. They receive income from both people seeking employment and employers.

More professional acting Agency for recruitment of staff, whose work is paid by the employer, not the applicant. The tasks of such an Agency is to search for candidates, whose experience, knowledge, skills and other characteristics to the greatest extent meet the requirements of the employer who offered the job. In addition, personnel staffing Agency conduct an initial interview, check out a summary, arrange psychological and professional tests. Since the income of such agencies depends on the future wages of the candidate (the cost of services varies from one monthly wage to half the annual income of the future employee), they are interested in the best possible conditions for the applicant. Of course, this is true in the case when the applicant meets all the requirements of the employer.
The services of recruitment agencies are like small businesses that do not have their HR services and large corporations, including foreign.

Additional services

In addition to the services by direct recruitment or job search, many recruitment agencies provide various additional services such as training and motivational training, validation and evaluation of personnel and personnel work, organisation of events designed to increase internal loyalty and efficiency of teamwork, psychological testing and more. Finally, the recruitment Agency can provide one-off or permanent services of outsourcing, for example, keep records. For job seekers offers advice on behaviour in the interview, the correct execution summary, various trainings.
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