Of menstruation in women, according to statistics, stopped about 50 years. There comes a menopause. Menopause may develop a little earlier. Known pathological situation when cessation of menstruation occurs before forty years.

Is it true that you can get pregnant in old age.

Those who believe that at menopause you cannot get pregnant, are mistaken. Since the beginning of menopause women can preserve fertility for about two years. Though it is unnoticed, after the cessation of menstruation the possibility of pregnancy disappears immediately.

Gynecologists recommend the use of contraceptives a couple of years after, menopause will occur. This period may be reduced – it is necessary to consult a doctor. You might be recommended to change the usual method of protection.

How to conceive in her old age

Conception during menopause is possible, but only in the case when circumstances are certain favourable way. The ovaries produce follicles that will ripen the egg. At the same time produces progesterone and estrogen. They are responsible for the formation of a yellow body, and prepare the uterus to accept the fertilized egg.

The onset of this period in a woman's life is because all the binding conception of the conditions gradually disappear. Have ovarian disappears the health, the secretion of hormones slows down, the follicle runs out. Once ovulation does not occur – hence, the chances of conceiving a child is zero. But the extinction of the reproductive function may take more than one day. Until menopause, it may take years. Theoretically, the conception at this time is impossible.

Early menopause from the point of view of unwanted pregnancy is dangerous enough. Menopause normal may start around 45-50 years. You must take into account the fact late pregnancy has a negative impact on health of the woman and child development in the womb. A significant proportion of these pregnancies ends in the birth of a child with down syndrome. Therefore, it is desirable to do in such cases, preliminary genetic examination.

If the woman decided to get pregnant after forty years with the help of artificial insemination, it is not only undesirable, but also something which is simply not allowed. In the body of a middle-aged woman there is not sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the complete carrying a child. After birth the woman may experience health problems.