There is a division between nightmares and fears. Night nightmares are the man when he is in REM sleep. As a rule, their stories are implausible and convoluted. After awakening the person can remember and retell what he dreamt about, without any fear.The nature of night terrors different from nightmares. Fears are manifested during deep sleep, about an hour after falling asleep, in this phase of dreaming is rare. They are painful, but short-lived, their story is clear and understandable. Waking up in the morning, people might not remember what he saw in the night.Rarely nightmares dream daily. But if it happens constantly, it can lead to diminished health, have a negative impact on the psyche. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the causes of such dreams.Most often, the precipitating factor for nightmares is stress, the occurrence of which is associated with problems at work, anxiety for the family, financial difficulties. Psychological reasons may serve as feelings about personal relationships that have appeared with the same fears and distrust of others. If possible find out and establish these factors, it is likely it is it will help normalize sleep.Some drugs, e.g., antidepressants, barbiturates, sedatives, narcotic drugs can have this side effect as night nightmares. Before you use these drugs, should consult to the doctor, the pharmacist, if necessary, to exclude their use.Unpleasant dreams can be caused by certain diseases, ailments, especially accompanied by high fever, shortness of breath.To prevent restless sleep should not consume alcoholic beverages for the night. You need to give importance to the quantity and nature of the food that is eaten for dinner. Too rich or late meal can negatively affect the quality of sleep. Eliminate bedtime active physical work, games for computer, intellectual activity. If causes of fails, just try to change the place of your sleep. It's possible that you don't quite fit the room or uncomfortable bed.Before bedtime can drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey or use a folk remedy that have a calming effect. Take 3 parts herb sage and thyme, 2 parts juniper branches, eucalyptus leaves, rose petals and one part of lemon peel. Pour one liter of boiling water and let steep in a thermos for 6 hours. The resulting infusion drink one glass before bed and a few days later the dreams will disappear.If the nightmares at night are repeated with a certain frequency, it is necessary to seek assistance to neurologists or psychiatrists.