To see, as in a dream teeth fall out

The people believed that the dream about losing teeth says about the imminent death of someone from acquaintances, friends or family members. It is considered a very bad sign, however, this dream speaks about the inner feelings of man and not necessarily that it marks a quick death.

Rotten teeth in dreams signify a person's suffering about her appearance. It is internally very worried that looks are not as he would like, afraid of condemnation and rejection of others.

To dream of a snake

Usually such a dream promises a lot of trouble, problems at work, envy and intrigues of enemies. Such a one-sided interpretation of this dream is due primarily to the fact that the vast majority of people in the form of a snake experiencing disgust and fear, but since ancient times this animal symbolized natural wisdom. A dream where you just see a snake (it doesn't bite and is not behaving aggressively), is a very good sign. This dream suggests that you have already managed to reach psychological maturity and acquired wisdom. Now you are able to neutralize negative influence and machinations of enemies, the envious.

To escape from someone in a dream

Chase is a very common nightmare. You are trying to escape from an unknown pursuer, and often it catches up with you. Usually, this is where awakening. This dream means that your problems that accumulate every day, and you do not hurry to solve them. If you can control your dreams, try to stop. Usually nothing terrible happens and the dream ends. If you will be able to see the pursuer, his appearance and demeanor can help to solve your problems in reality.

To fall in sleep with a height of

Usually this dream is a dream in those moments of life when you are not in control of their lives, are at a loss and are experiencing the fear of future events. You are very concerned about the uncertainty.

To see myself buried alive in dream

A very common dream. You find yourself in a trap you alive or buried in the ground. Variations of this dream quite a lot, and feelings, to put it mildly, not very pleasant. If you often see this dream, it might mean your fear and despair. You are unable to find their place in life, and this fact frightens you. You feel hostage to the situation.

To see themselves naked in a dream

It often happens that you dream you are naked, people look at you, and you feel totally helpless and frustrated. This dream means that in real life you have problems with self-esteem. You care about the opinions of others more than is necessary. Every step in life you make with an eye on what you think, and how this act will be regarded by your environment.

In the dream, you miss some important event

This dream is associated with your constant anxiety. In real life you can't succeed, you failed to be realized. You failed to deliver on your hopes. If you often dreams like this, try to worry less. Don't think that you do not have time in my life and can not achieve the desired success.